The following contains excerpts from the 2013 Alumni Attitude Study Report Summary provided by Performance Enhancement Group to Lafayette College.


The Alumni Attitude Study© (AAS) is a national, multi-college research study that analyzes former and current students’ perceptions, attitudes, experiences, and opinions of their alma mater.  Over 200 universities and colleges have used the AAS process with their alumni, providing a rich database of comparable data.

There are three groups of survey questions that rate specific items based on both importance and performance.

  • Questions about the student experience of the alumnus/a.
  • Questions about what alumni should do (the proper role of an alumnus/a) and how well the college or alumni association supports the alumni in doing those things.
  • Questions on the importance of various methods of communications and how effective the college is at providing that communication.

In 2013, Lafayette engaged its alumni in the Alumni Attitude Survey process.  The results are compiled from a total of 1,887 respondents to that survey, a 10.44% response rate.  This rate is consistent with national averages, and the 1,887 responses represent a more than sufficient margin of error on all of the questions to comfortably extrapolate these findings to the broader population of alumni.

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Detailed Survey Results


  • Alumni want to know that the value of their degree is greater today than the day they graduated and they want to understand what the College is doing to increase that value.
  • Alumni are focused on how their degree helped them in their lives and particularly how the degree is an enhancement to their career.
  • Alumni want to know that other alumni and their alumni association are playing an important role in improving the student experience.  Students seeing alumni making a difference in the student experience helps lay a foundation of lifelong support.
  • Events offer an interesting dilemma for Lafayette. We know that most alumni will never attend an event.  Despite this, the survey shows that they still want to know that their College is having events and that important things are happening at them. Therefore, communications about successful outcomes of events can be an important gauge of their success, possibly more so than the number of attendees.

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