When asked, how important is it for you and alumni in general to do various activities, the results show these top three areas:

  • Offering internships/externships for students
  • Professional mentoring for students
  • Serving as an ambassador promoting Lafayette College to others

Alumni survey participants were asked How important are the following alumni career services to you and how well does Lafayette College provide them? The top three alumni career services by importance are:

  • Access to networking opportunities
  • Ability to mentor current students/alumni about career development
  • Access to listings of available jobs.

The data indicates that younger alumni feel Lafayette is underperforming in all categories, especially “Access to networking opportunities,” “Access to available jobs,” and “Ability to post resumes for employers.”

Alumni survey participants were asked, How likely is it that you would participate in the following activities? The top three activities of interest were:

  • Attending reunions based on the activities/groups you were involved with in college
  • Attending an alumni event in your area featuring a College official (President, Coach, etc.)
  • Attending a cultural activity (plays, concerts, museums, operas, etc.) in your area.

The data indicates that younger alumni are significantly more likely to participate in career management and networking events than older alumni.

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