Our connection to Lafayette never ends and the Alumni Association is dedicated to supporting alumni in fostering that bond with each other and with the College.

Dear Alumni and Friends,

On behalf of the Alumni Association Board and more than 30,000 alumni, I am honored that you are interested in the many opportunities to engage with Lafayette College and fellow alumni and friends. 

As a proud alumnus, and in my role as Alumni Association President, I welcome you to reconnect with Lafayette, its students, professors, President Hurd, and staff. After all, engaging with Lafayette is all about building connections, whether you are resurrecting old connections or forging new ones, we would love to welcome you back.

I’m sure you remember your time on College Hill and the connections you formed with roommates, teammates, and professors all those years ago? For me, those years were some of the best of my life. As a first-year student, I lived in room 109 in South College, and Jenny, my wife to be, who I really didn’t meet until the end of our second year, lived in room 209.  We are celebrating almost 37 years of marital bliss but that’s a story for another day.

Michael ’82 and Jenny Marshall ’82 Weisburger pictured in front of their Lafayette branded Airstream before the 150th Rivalry Game in 2014

As much as things change, the opportunities that are provided to students today at Lafayette have remained the same. They are able to learn from talented and inspiring professors, just as we did during our time on College Hill. In fact, as you can see from the photo, I still stay in contact with some of my professors! Today’s students also take full advantage of all the state-of-the-art technology that is at their fingertips in buildings that we remember well like Pardee, Kirby Hall of Civil Rights, Acopian, or Van Wickle. 

I invite you to start building connections by visiting LeopardLink. Participate in an alumni event near your and share your Pard Pride in your hometown. I also invite you to visit campus. Whether you graduated in 2014 or 1964, I hope to see you on College Hill to enjoy a sporting or cultural event.

Finally, I encourage you to support Lafayette with your time, talent, and treasure. Whether it is through partnering with the Gateway Career Center to help build career connections for students, serving in a leadership role in your local alumni chapter, or mentoring a new Lafayette alum, the actions of the Lafayette family are truly vital to our continued success.  

Whether I am at an event on campus or traveling to a city near you, alumni always ask me, “Weissy, how can I help?” Here is an opportunity to assist. Several years ago I started a Facebook group with the purpose of encouraging alumni interaction and “Pard Pride.” Although we achieved more than 500 followers, it would benefit from the assistance of tech-savvy alum(s) to ensure it is more robust. If you’d like to help resurrect this initiative, please reach out via mweisburger@gmail.com

We also want to hear from you! Do you have an idea for an alumni event near you or an opportunity to involve alumni on campus? Please contact the alumni staff at (610) 330-5040.

I look forward to seeing you on campus or at a chapter event soon.

Go Pards!

Michael Weisburger ’82 aka “Weissy”