Our connection to Lafayette never ends and the Alumni Association is dedicated to supporting alumni in fostering that bond with each other and with the College. Those efforts are embodied in the strategic focus of the Alumni Association, which is “Connecting Lafayette to You!”

Jonathan Ellis ’98 with Lafayette College President Alison Byerly

As President of the Alumni Council, which is the governing body of the Alumni Association, I am focused on enhancing the tie between alumni and the College irrespective of where you may reside and how frequently you return to campus.  To that end, the idea of “Connecting Lafayette to You!” will be facilitated in three ways:

Socially: encompasses chapter and College sponsored events in your local communities that allows you to revisit old connections and make new ones.

Professionally: offering industry networking and career development resources for alumni and community members to facilitate your own personal advancement as well as opportunities to mentor and employ other alumni and students.

Reputationally: using various communication platforms available to the Alumni Council to articulate why the progress and successes being achieved on campus translate into external perception benefits for Lafayette as a whole and you individually.

Be Active in your Alumni Community –
Embrace the “3 Ps”

One question that I often receive is what it means to be an active member of the Lafayette community.  Put simply, an active member of the Lafayette community is one who embraces the “3 P’s”.  Below is a description of each “P” along with a link if you would like to get more involved.

Partake: attend local chapter and College sponsored events and serve as a volunteer for Admissions, Gateway Career Center and other interest groups. Complete our volunteer interest form.

Participate: be a philanthropic supporter of Lafayette each year by supporting the Annual Fund.

Promote: serve as an ambassador for the school in your community by speaking positively about the College and displaying Lafayette branded gear, available online and in person, through he College Store, whenever possible.

Lafayette remains focused on being one of the preeminent higher education institutions in this country, which would not be possible without the support and commitment of our alumni and community members.  Thank you for all that you do to support the College and I look forward to “Connecting Lafayette to You!”

With ‘Pard Pride,

Jonathan Ellis ‘98
President of the Alumni Council and Alumni Association