The Alumni Association Board is a subset of the Alumni Association. It is composed of the officers of the Alumni Association and members-at-large who usually serve as chairs of the following Association committees.

Admissions Committee

  • Engage alumni in supporting the work of the Office of Admissions to enroll the best possible class
  • Work primarily under the auspices of the Office of Admissions but also with communication and coordination with the Alumni Council
  • Promote the work of Alumni Admissions Representatives (AAR)
  • Assist the Office of Admissions in recruiting alumni to work as AARs

Affinity Groups Committee

  • Conduct one meeting each fall with a representative from each affinity group to share plans for the upcoming academic year
  • Help the groups fulfill a common goal for the year outlined by the College
  • Produce a report on group activities for the year and progress toward fulfilling the common goal, which will be sent to Alumni Council and affinity group leaders for distribution to their members

Gateway Career Center Committee

  • Work with the Gateway Career Center to increase the number of externships and internships provided by alumni to undergraduates
  • Engage more alumni in providing career guidance for undergraduates and job opportunities for graduating seniors
  • Promote the importance of networking in support of the Gateway Career Center program
  • Assure that alumni who participate receive acknowledgment and feedback
  • Develop a proposed budget and operate within it, modifying programs as necessary if the proposed budget cannot be fully funded
  • Assist the Gateway Career Center in developing the means to measure results

Chapters Committee

  • Provide programming and operational support to existing regional chapters
  • Determine criteria for establishing new chapters
  • Develop position descriptions and terms of office for chapter officers as necessary
  • Monitor chapter programs, activities, attendance, etc.
  • Survey alumni and parents on the breadth, scope, variety, and appeal of chapter programming
  • Determine criteria for chapter awards and select winners annually

Classes Committee

  • Description coming soon.

Communications and Outreach Committee

  • Engage alumni with the Lafayette community by communicating information about Alumni Association activities and events, campus news and events, and volunteering opportunities.
  • Produce an e-newsletter once per semester describing the activities and purpose of the Alumni Association, highlighting college events, and spotlighting alumni volunteers.
  • Work with the Alumni Relations and Communications Departments to develop and distribute content that supplements ongoing communications efforts on behalf of the Alumni Association.

Participation Committee

  • Partner with other volunteers in the coordination of initiatives to increase alumni participation in line with College goals.
  • Meet with Annual Fund Director to identify goals and special projects.
  • Contact alumni throughout the year via phone, email, or letter in support of Annual Fund efforts.
  • Assist Annual Fund staff in identifying fellow alumni capable of making leadership gifts and serving as ambassadors.
  • Effectively communicate current information about the College and the need for unrestricted giving.
  • Contribute financially, at any level, to the Lafayette Annual Fund.

Young Alumni Committee

  • Develop ideas and strategies that introduce new graduates and young alumni to the Alumni Association, emphasizing the benefits of participating in alumni programs and activities
  • Implement innovative ideas for reaching out to new graduates and other young alumni to engage them in alumni activities
  • Survey young alumni to determine what programs and activities would appeal to their interests
  • Provide a voice for young alumni on Alumni Council
  • Develop and operate within a proposed budget, modifying programs as necessary if the proposed budget cannot be fully funded
  • Develop ideas to evaluate the committee’s programs and activities
  • Set quantifiable, measurable goals for the committee’s programs and report annually to Alumni Council