President Alison Byerly, Chair of the Board of Trustees Robert Sell ’84, and members of College Cabinet provided an update to the alumni community on September 30, 2020.

Discussion topics included planning for spring 2021 and an update on College finances and enrollment. A question and answer session followed, which included discussions involving athletics, equity and inclusion, and more. Please note the information contained in these videos is evolving as Lafayette continues its planning for the spring semester.

Highlights can be viewed below.

Introduction (5:38)

Athletics (1:14)

College Rankings (6:05)

Finances (4:42)

Spring Planning (5:55)

Equity & Inclusion (4:43)

Greek Life (3:05)

Alumni Engagement (5:27)

Enrollment (6:44)

Free Speech (5:15)

Study Abroad (1:51)