Respondents were categorized in a variety of ways in analyzing AAS data. Many slides were broken down by era of graduation, donor status, and degree type.  The Woodstock/Vietnam Era exhibited the highest number of responses (33%) compared to the all-school average (22%) and comparable institutions (25%) for that era. Response by donor status indicates that 68% of respondents are current donors.

When comparing respondents by their degree, liberal arts majors were the largest group (58%), while engineering and non-engineering BS majors had an equal number (21%) of responses.  Also, with regard to Greek affiliation, 70% of alumni respondents are affiliated with Greek organizations.  28% of respondents participated in varsity athletics.

Sixty-four percent of the respondents obtained a bachelor of arts degree and 34% obtained a bachelor of science degree. Additionally, 2% obtained both a bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degree from Lafayette.

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