Section 1. The Association shall be named Lafayette College Alumni Association.

Section 2. Its objective shall be to promote the welfare of Lafayette College by:
(a) encouraging the alumnus/alumna, as an individual, to assume a full measure of responsibility for the progress of the College;
(b) providing the leadership and the means for the alumni to unite in their efforts to support and strengthen the College;
(c) working closely with the Board of Trustees and the Administration of the College to achieve unity of purpose and activity;
(d) disseminating information that will keep the alumni well-informed about the College and the Association;
(e) establishing efficient class and chapter organizations which carry out the objectives of the Association and which are responsible to it;
(f) assisting in raising funds for the improvement of the College;
(g) encouraging qualified, desirable students to apply for admission to the College;
(h) making recommendations through its officers to the Board of Trustees concerning matters essential to the College’s welfare;
(i) maintaining and disseminating the traditions and heritage of the College from a historical perspective and fostering additions to those traditions and heritage as compatible with the current Lafayette experience; and
(j) taking such other action as may be proper for the advancement of the College and the Association.


Section 1. CLASSES OF MEMBERS. There shall be two general classes of membership.

(a) ACTIVE MEMBERS. Every person who shall have matriculated and attended at least one semester as an undergraduate at Lafayette and is no longer enrolled shall be an active member of the Association.

(b) HONORARY MEMBERS. Honorary members may be elected by the Alumni Council from recipients of honorary degrees given by Lafayette College, from non-alumni trustees of the College, from retired non-alumni faculty members or from others deemed appropriate for honorary membership. They may attend functions of the Association but may not vote or hold office therein.


Section 1. ANNUAL MEETING. The annual meeting of the Association shall be held at the College at such time and place as the President of the Alumni Association shall designate.

Section 2. SPECIAL MEETINGS. Special meetings may be called by the President, President-Elect or a majority of the Alumni Council.

Section 3. NOTICE

(a) ANNUAL MEETING. Notice of the Annual Meeting shall be given by publication in a publication of the College, by posting on the College website or by mailing of general distribution to alumni at least 45 days before the date thereof. If the business of such meeting will include the election of a President or President-elect of the Association, such notice shall comply with the provisions of Article V hereof.

(b) SPECIAL MEETINGS. Notice of Special Meetings shall be given by posting on the College web site or by mailing of general distribution to alumni at least five days before the date thereof. The notice shall include the business to be put before such meeting.

Section 4. QUORUM. Those present shall constitute a quorum at any annual or special meeting.

Section 5. VOTE. Only those present in person at such a meeting may vote.


Section 1. MEMBERSHIP. The Alumni Council shall be composed of the elected and appointed officers of the Association and such number of Members-At-Large as the Alumni Council shall determine from time to time, provided, however, that the Alumni Council shall consist of no less than 12 nor more than 25 members.

Section 2 ELECTION. Members-At-Large of the Alumni Council shall be elected by the Alumni Council.

Section 3. TERM.

(a) Members-at-Large shall be elected a term of two years or until their successors are elected. Members-at-Large may be elected to one or more successive terms.

(b) Officers shall continue to serve on the Alumni Council for their term of office. Elected Officers shall also serve for one term at the conclusion of their term as an Elected Officer and may be elected as Members-at-Large upon the completion of terms served by virtue of their position as Officers.

Section 4. FUNCTIONS The Alumni Council shall:

a. Govern the affairs of the Association;

b. Submit candidates to the Board of Trustees of the College for election as Alumni Trustees, acting as “Alumni Council Executive Committee” as that term is used in the Statutes of the College;

c. Undertake such activities as they may determine appropriate to further the objectives of the Alumni Association;

d. Elect members to the Alumni Council;

e. Raise funds and expend funds from its approved budget in connection with its activities.

Section 5. MEETINGS. The Alumni Council shall meet at the call of the President or President-Elect or by the written request to the President of 25 percent of the Members-at-Large. In the event that a meeting is called by request of the Members-At-Large, it shall be convened not more than 10 days after such notice.

Section 6. NOTICE Notice of any regular or special meeting shall be given by the Secretary in writing, including electronic mail, at least five days before such meeting.

Section 7. QUORUM. Eight members shall be a quorum.

Section 8 VACANCIES. In the event of a vacancy in the position of a Member-at-Large, the remaining members of the Alumni Council shall elect an Active Member of the Association to fill such vacancy.



(a) The Elected Officers of the Association shall be President and President-Elect, who shall serve for a term of two years or under their successor is elected.

(b) The Elected Officers shall be elected by a majority vote at an annual or special meeting of the Association.

(c) The Alumni Council shall nominate for election at the Annual Meeting one or more candidates for President-Elect and shall include such name or names in the notice of the Annual Meeting. Not less than 15 days before such meeting, upon a petition signed by at least 100 Active Members of the Association and delivered to the Secretary of the Association, additional persons may be nominated for such position and their names shall be placed before the Annual Meeting for consideration. No nomination for such position may be made from the floor or in any other fashion, except as set forth herein.


(a) The Director of Alumni Affairs or designee shall be the Secretary of the Alumni Association;
(b) The Treasurer of the College or designee shall be the Treasurer of the Alumni Association;
(c) The appointed officers will not have the privilege of voting on the Alumni Council or on the Executive Committee of the Alumni Council.

Section 3. DUTIES OF THE PRESIDENT. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and Alumni Council; shall direct the business of the Association and, subject to the approval of the Alumni Council, shall appoint all committees he or she deems appropriate to the fulfillment of responsibilities of the Association; shall, at the invitation of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, attend meetings of the Board; and shall have such other powers and duties usually vested in the President of such an Association.

Section 4. DUTIES OF THE PRESIDENT-ELECT. The President-Elect shall carry out the duties of the President in his or her absence; shall attend meetings of the Board of Trustees at the invitation of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees; and have such other powers and duties as may be determined by the President or the Alumni Council from time to time.

Section 5. DUTIES OF THE SECRETARY. The Secretary shall be charged with the executive direction of the Alumni Association, he or she shall give notice of all meetings, keep minutes, conduct the correspondence of the Association, and have charge of its records and papers. He or she shall also act as secretary of the Alumni Council and shall be an ex-officio member of all Association Committees without power of vote. He or she shall submit reports and perform such other duties as the Alumni Council may direct.

Section 6. DUTIES OF THE TREASURER. The Treasurer shall receive all monies payable to the Association and shall disburse the moneys of the Association for expenses on the order of the Secretary. Disbursements other than for ordinary Association operating expenses shall be made by the Treasurer upon the order of the Secretary when approved by the President. He or she shall keep his or her accounts subject to such regulations as the Alumni Council shall promulgate from time to time. The Treasurer shall have the care and custody of all securities owned by the Alumni Association. Any changes in the securities owned by the Association shall be made by the Treasurer with the advice and consent of the professional investment counsel retained by the Financial Policy Committee of the Board of Trustees of Lafayette College. After such consent, the Treasurer is authorized to endorse, deposit, transfer, or negotiate all checks, registered bonds, notes, certificates of stock, and all other securities and evidences of indebtedness owned by the Association. He or she shall give an accounting of the changes annually to the Council.

Section 7. VACANCIES.

(a) President. If a vacancy arises in the office of President, the President-Elect shall become President for the balance of the unexpired term and shall serve his or her two-year term thereafter.
(b) President-Elect. If a vacancy arises in the office of the President-Elect, including a vacancy created by virtue of the President-Elect assuming the unexpired term of the President, the Alumni Council shall elect a President-Elect to serve the balance of any unexpired term. However, such person shall not assume the position of President unless elected thereto at an annual or special meeting of the Association.


The Alumni Council shall have such Committees as it may determine, from time to time, are appropriate for the performance of its duties. The President shall appoint members of those committees, with the advice of the Alumni Council.


Each class will be represented by a Class Committee which will carry out the objectives of the Association. The Class Committee will be comprised of class members who have demonstrated a willingness to participate in and volunteer their time on behalf of Class activities including but not limited to Reunion. The Alumni Council shall determine the exact method for recruiting Class Committees and these methods may vary by Class. All Class Officers in office as of the date of the enactment of this Article amendment are welcome to join the Class Committee. Any dispute regarding the Class Committee members or the right of any person to fill any Class position shall be resolved by the Alumni Council at a regular or special meeting of the Council.


This Constitution and By-laws may be amended in whole or in part at any regular or special meeting of the Association by a vote of two-thirds of the members present, provided that notice of such proposed amendment (i) shall have been given at a previous regular meeting or (ii) shall be given to the members of the Association in the Association’s publication or by other separate written notice at least 45 days before the meeting at which such proposed amendment is to be considered.

Approved June 7, 1969
Amended June 1, 1974
Amended June 3, 1978
Amended June 5, 1982
Amended June 5, 1993
Amended June 2, 2007
Amended June 7, 2008
Amended January 31, 2015
Amended February 21, 2017