Department of Alumni Relations Mission Statement

To nurture and cherish lifelong connections between members of the Lafayette family and the College, as well as with one another. To foster intellectual, social, and personal growth through shared traditions, experiences, and volunteer opportunities.


Rachel Nelson Moeller ’88 P’21

Executive Director of Alumni Relations
(610) 330-5040

Amy Blythe ’14

Director, Parent and Family Relations
(610) 330-5675

Janine Casey

Associate Director
(610) 330-5024

Christiane Conn Tomik ’03

Senior Associate Director
(610) 330-5045

Amy R. Frantz Gross

Associate Director
(610) 330-5101

Susan Herschlag

Alumni Technology Assistant
(610) 330-5041

Donna Krivoski

Parent and Family Relations
(610) 330-5048

Adele C. Loigu

Office Assistant
(610) 330-5040

Mary Ellen Nunes

Alumni Technology and Communications Specialist II
(610) 330-5583